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What is Financial Peace University?


We all need a plan for our money. Financial Peace University (FPU) is that plan! It teaches God's ways of handling money. Through video teaching, class discussions and interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you've dreamed you could be. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more!


  •  FPU is fun! This isn't some stuffy economics class! You'll laugh as you learn money skills from Dave Ramsey and participate in entertaining class activities. 

  • It's easy to understand! You don't have to be a rocket scientest to learn how money works. Each lesson is broken down into simple Baby Steps.

  • It's going to change your life! In just nine lessons, you'll learn to take control of your money, invest for the future, and give like never before. Don't worry! You won't be asked to share any personal financial information during class.


This is a great opportunity to invite friends, co-workers or family to participate even if they do not attend our (or any) church. FPU will benefit you no matter your financial situation; from so broke you can't even pay attention to financially successful.


For more information or to sign up, contact Emily Wilson at 916-989-3128 or You may also call the church office to express your interest in classes by calling 916-985-2984 and/or visit Dave Ramsey's website by clicking on the image above to watch a class preview or register. The next offering of this class at Mt. Olive will be October 2, 2018 through December 4, 2018 on Tuesday's from 6:30-8:00 PM in the Annex.

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